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"Think MMA fighting is easy? Get off your couch and lets see" -Jason MayheM Miller
As a child growing up in Great Falls Montana I seemed to be bullied a lot. My father was in the Air Force so we moved around and I was always the new kid in school. Moving from Montana to Hawaii in 2002 was a pivotal moment in my life as it was when I had my first real "fight" against a high school bully. From that moment on I realized I would never be pushed around again. I met up with a gentleman named David Chew at the O2 Martial Arts Academy in Hawaii where I learned the basics of Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. I joined the Air Force in 2007 where I continued training and fighting in Okinawa Japan. I was subsequently restationed to Albuquerque New Mexico where my MMA career really took off when I started training under Greg Jackson at Jackson's MMA. I got out of the military, moved back to Montana and worked with 221 Industries as well as Fightforce as a mixed martial artist. Im currently in Idaho looking to pursue new opportunities. All of this brings me to where I am today, so welcome to my page.

"I'm an antibullying activist to the max. It starts with us,only we can stop it,and only we can provide our children with a bigger better path to follow"

- Brenden "MayheM" Martin

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